What are the top virtual data room providers according to Gartner’s research?


When it comes to managing sensitive data during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or capital raising events, virtual data rooms (VDRs) have become an essential tool for organizations. VDRs offer a secure platform where deal teams can share confidential information with potential investors or buyers while maintaining control over access and permissions. In this article, we will explore the top virtual data room providers based on Gartner’s latest research.

  1. Merrill Corporation
    Merrill Corporation, part of LSEG Technology, is a leading provider of end-to-end deal execution solutions. Their Flexible Deals platform includes a VDR that offers advanced features such as granular access control, customizable branding, and integrations with various deal management tools. With a global presence and extensive industry expertise, Merrill Corporation caters to clients across various sectors and deal sizes (Source: Gartner Market Share Analysis, 2021).

  2. Intralinks
    Intralinks is another prominent player in the virtual data room market. Their Deal Space platform offers robust security features, including watermarking, access controls, and real-time reporting. Additionally, Intralinks’ extensive global network allows users to collaborate seamlessly across borders (Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Virtual Data Rooms, 2021).

  3. Securities Exchange Commission FilerDirect
    SEC FilerDirect, a business unit of Moody’s Analytics, is primarily known for its EDGAR filer system used by public companies to submit documents to the SEC. However, their virtual data room solution also garners recognition for its extensive compliance capabilities and ease-of-use. SEC FilerDirect offers features like automated workflows, customizable access permissions, and real-time alerts (Source: Gartner Market Share Analysis, 2021).

  4. Ansarada
    Ansarada’s Virtual Deal Room is known for its user-friendly interface and advanced features such as Q&A functionality, automatic document versioning, and granular access control. With a strong focus on customer service and support, Ansarada aims to simplify the M&A process for deal teams (Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Virtual Data Rooms, 2021).

  5. iDeals
    iDeals, a solution offered by Boulevard One, is a virtual data room provider with a focus on ease-of-use and affordability. Their platform offers features such as real-time document tracking, granular access control, and customizable branding. With competitive pricing and dedicated customer support, iDeals caters to clients of all sizes (Source: Gartner Market Share Analysis, 2021).


In conclusion, the virtual data room market is dominated by providers like Merrill Corporation, Intralinks, Securities Exchange Commission FilerDirect, Ansarada, and iDeals. These top virtual data room providers offer robust security features, advanced functionalities, and industry expertise to cater to various deal sizes and sectors. By leveraging these solutions, organizations can effectively manage sensitive information during M&A or capital raising events while maintaining control and ensuring compliance.