What information is included in the Room 55 data sheet?

Subtitle: Unraveling the Complexities within


When delving into intricate technical data, understanding the essence of a single document can be crucial. One such document is the Room 55 data sheet, which encapsulates critical specifications and features for various electronic components. In this response, we will explore the depths of the information found within a Room 55 data sheet and provide contextual examples to aid comprehension.

Section 1: Overview of Room 55 Data Sheets

A Room 55 data sheet is a comprehensive document that outlines various electrical and mechanical characteristics for a specific electronic component or assembly, adhering to the JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standard.

Section 2: Key Components of a Room 55 Data Sheet

1.1 Identification and Product Codes: This section provides essential information about the component, including its name, product code, and manufacturer details.

1.2 General Descriptions: Here you will find descriptions of the component’s functions and applications, as well as any relevant diagrams and schematics.

1.3 Electrical Characteristics: This part details electrical specifications such as voltage ranges, resistance, capacitance, power dissipation, and insulation resistance.

1.4 Mechanical Characteristics: Information regarding mechanical properties like dimensions, weight, operating temperature ranges, and packaging types is provided in this section.

1.5 Environmental Characteristics:

This portion discusses the component’s environmental requirements and performance under various conditions, such as humidity and temperature extremes.

Section 3: Understanding the Significance of Room 55 Data Sheets

Room 55 data sheets play a vital role in design engineering projects by ensuring that engineers have access to accurate and detailed information when selecting components for their designs. By understanding the components’ electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications, designers can make informed decisions regarding compatibility, reliability, and performance.


The Room 55 data sheet is an essential document in the world of electronic design engineering, providing comprehensive details about various electronic components’ specifications and features. Understanding the information within these documents is vital to making informed design choices that lead to successful projects. By breaking down this complex document into its component sections, we can easily grasp the significance of each piece of data and apply it to our engineering designs.