How to Access the Password Data Processing Room in Xenoblade?

In the vast and intricate world of Xenoblade, there lies a room hidden deep within Monado Works that holds valuable password data. Accessing this room is a complex process requiring specific actions. Here’s how to do it.


Before attempting to access the Password Data Processing Room, ensure you have completed the following tasks:

  1. Reach Linblum City and meet with Alvis (quest "The Unseen Ally")
  2. Speak to Melchior in Gaganos Vestige (quest "An Old Friend’s Request")
  3. Collect all 48 Bionis parts and 20 Mechonis parts
  4. Have at least one party member with the ‘Master Swordsman’ or ‘Master Gunner’ class

**Finding the Room:**

  1. Travel to Monado Works in Linblum City
  2. Speak to Melchior, who will guide you to the room
  3. Go through the door next to the Save Pod and follow the path
  4. Reach the room with a blue door (marked ‘Password Data Processing’)

**Accessing the Room:**

To open the room’s door, you need to provide the correct password:

  1. Speak to Alvis in Linblum City and ask about the Password Data Processing Room
  2. He will give you a hint: "A song of the past, sung by those who remember."
  3. Travel back to Gaganos Vestige and speak to Melchior again
  4. Play the Shababe melody on your Monado for him
  5. If done correctly, he’ll reward you with the password: "Melodic_Monado"
  6. Return to Monado Works and enter the room using the password


By following these steps, you’ve unlocked the secrets of the Password Data Processing Room in Xenoblade. This area provides valuable information and rewards that can enhance your journey through the game. Remember, every step counts when unraveling the mysteries of this vast and captivating world.