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What Is the Best M&A Book to Read

The world of finance has served as a backdrop for many dramas, from mergers and acquisitions to many financial crises. In this article, we will present the list of the best books where the history of corporate finance and its basic questions are shown. So, what is your favorite M&A book?

Where to learn about M&A transactions?

Companies in the process of constantly looking for ways to improve their business are increasingly coming to such a way of inorganic development as M&A. However, the mere fact of conducting this agreement does not guarantee success, as it carries financial risks. Financial due diligence is one of the necessary steps in a transaction, which is carried out to reduce the asymmetry of information and reveal all the pitfalls of the company’s financial condition, so that the buyer through M&A, really gets the expected effect of improving business.

Young investors who have no experience in the stock market will learn about the intricacies of the financial market with the help of books with detailed analyses of such business processes. It doesn’t matter if you recently graduated from university or have a teenager who understands how important investing can be – these are the best books for young investors to help you succeed.

What are the best corporate finance books?

Before talking about the complex issues of corporate finance, it is necessary to clearly understand the meaning of modern Western theorists and practitioners investing in the concept of “corporation”. The initial prerequisite for knowledge of corporate finance is a clear understanding of the corporation as an institutional (economic) unit that operates in a particular financial and economic legal environment. Any business should start with the study of theory, so we offer you a selection of books that will help you master the basics of investing. So, there is a list of books where the topic of corporate finance is highlighted in the best way:

  • Philip Fisher “Ordinary Shares and Extraordinary Income”

Philip Fischer is rightly one of the most influential investors of all time. His philosophy of investing, which gained popularity almost forty years ago, is now not only carefully studied and applied in practice but also raised by financiers and investors to the rank of sacred texts. For all those who are interested in finance, this book has remained indispensable since its first publication in 1958.

  • George Soros “Alchemy of Finance”

George Soros is the most influential and successful investor of our time. Nicknamed BusinessWeek “the creator and destroyer of markets”, Soros once earned a billion dollars by betting on the fall of the British pound sterling.

Soros is not just a man from the world of finance, he is a real philosopher, thinker. Who better to tell George Soros about the nature of finance? The reprinted work of the famous financier and philanthropist tells about the secrets of the author’s work in the world of big money, as well as the mutual influence of the market and its players. In Alchemy of Finance, he reveals the investment strategies that helped him become a “superstar among financial executives” (New York Times).

  • Charles Kindleberger “World Financial Crisis. Manias, panics and crashes”

This book has survived six editions. It examines in detail topics such as the history of crises, speculative mania, and the Lehmann brothers’ case. The work of Charles Kindleberger presents them in an extremely intellectual and at the same time fascinating manner. This book is an unconditional classic of financial literacy.