box add-in for outlook

Box Add-in for Outlook Functions

The Box integration with Outlook is a set of additional functions that give managers the possibility to work from email applications, as well as to keep Box data secure and up to date.  In this article, we will analyze box add-in for outlook.

What is Box data room?

Today virtual data rooms are means of creating, storing, and managing various documents of an organization. Such document management systems also contain methods and tools for managing the life cycle of corporate documents. Often, these software solutions also include enterprise business process management tools.

Box data room is a cloud-based solution for organizing secure file-sharing between contractors and team members and enabling a highly-protected data repository. In some cases, business processes in a Box data room can play the role of auxiliary and background actions, for example, background control of the flow of incoming information, import and processing of incoming data, and others.

So, using the Box file-sharing platform provides the following benefits:

  • work with electronic documents is being established at all stages of their life cycle;
  • searching for the necessary files takes a minimum of time;
  • files are securely stored in a single archive;
  • it is possible to configure routing;
  • time for paperwork, correction, approval, signing of documentation is reduced;
  • interaction between employees is automated: you can exchange documents, issue and receive tasks, send notifications in one click.

Thanks to the Box data room, enterprises optimize the administrative costs of internal document management and storage of documentation. With paperless office work built-in, processes in the company are accelerated – documents pass all approvals faster, decisions are made more quickly.

What is the Box plugin for outlook?

Microsoft Outlook has numerous functions and features by default. After installing and entering the license key, users appreciate, among other things, the possibilities of the professional e-mail function, the options to change the client and the e-mail address, or to use the address book and calendar function.

In addition, Outlook and its similar programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office are valued overall because they can be effectively networked with each other. In addition to the possibility of changing settings and options individually, Outlook impresses with an immense range of functions. At the same time, it is obvious that there are individual challenges and tasks in the professional or private environment that cannot be solved with the standard Microsoft Outlook tools. In this case, add-ins and modules are used that specifically improve Outlook.

Box add-ins can also be used in other Microsoft Office programs to supplement the onboard functionality. Since every add-in delays the Outlook start process, it is important to only load sensible and practice-oriented add-ins, for example from the Outlook suggestions. Users who proceed in this way expand Outlook with specific functions and use the software as an individual and networked communication center.

Box file sharing service has released a plug-in for Outlook that implements a standard function for online file storage – file transfer. After installing it, the Outlook user has an additional button in the menu that allows you to quickly insert a link to a file stored in your Box online account into an email. Thus, instead of physically transferring files, only a link is transferred. This is especially useful when a very large file is being sent, or when a single file is being sent to multiple recipients. Of course, the recipient must have access rights to edit or download the file. The plugin also allows you to quickly (directly from Outlook) upload a file to the Box. Unfortunately, the plugin is only available to paying Box data room users.